We often glorify artists. After all they make beautiful art and give us that sudden rush of aesthetics. However, there is also something deceiving about them. We are never entirely sure why they do, what they do. What is their purpose? What are they trying to say? I think the simplest answer to these questions is: artists are journalists – they comment and observe. When Dali started painting surrealist images, it was because he was inspired by Freud psychoanalysis. Similarly, the inversion of the camera gave the birth to cubism and Darwinism inspired Picasso paintings. The art was always merely a tool of self expression; an embodiment of artist’s observations and believes. It drew contours on ideas and forms to make them visible. And this is exactly what this blog is about – it is a personal endeavour to understand one’s surrounding world through sciences and humanities. Therefore welcome – I will be your artist.

Daniel Tuerner


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