Visual Essays

Marcel Duchamp took a urinal, put it upside down and named it a Fountain. The word changed the property of the object, so that it became something completely different in the eyes of the observers. Similarly, the USA government changed the view of the public towards smoking women, by showing them “Torches of Freedom”. The word “freedom”, carries a huge social strength, as the natural desire of human population is to do as they want. However, the idea that smoking makes women free, or equal with men is rather absurd. In such way we start to build a picture in which words are capable of changing the fundamental meaning of a subject. Similarly, it could be argued that at times, we should get rid of the words to see the natural. One way of doing so, is by using visual essays. Visual essay challenges the viewer to look at carefully chosen and arranged images to see a bigger picture. It requires a detailed analysis of the pictorial representation and overall capability of juxtaposing information. Below one can find such essays.


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